Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the projects you support?
In order to offset the emissions that you create, it’s necessary to quantify or measure your carbon footprint. The Drive™ portfolio of certified carbon offsets are sourced from projects that support entities in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. All credits from the Drive™ portfolio are additional, quantified, verified by independent third parties, and registered on the APX registry or similar. This ensures that the carbon offset that you support through the Drive™ program is retired on your behalf, not being double counted by other offsetters.
What projects qualify as an offset and does location matter?
There are many different types of projects that qualify as an offset project. Potential offset projects include, but are not limited to, the following: acid gas injection, energy efficiency, recycling, aerobic composting, fuel switching, reduced deforestation, anaerobic wastewater treatment, hydroelectricity, reduced till agriculture, biomass production and usage, industrial recycling project, reforestation, afforestation, biomass energy, landfill gas capture and flare, waste diversion, cogeneration, methane venting reduction, wind energy, nitrous oxide abatement from nitric acid production, zero till cropping, and many more. The location of an offset project does not matter in regards to CO2e reduction or removal but the Drive™ program will attempt to localize our efforts as much as possible to where the fuel was purchased.
How much does the Drive™ program support per gallon of gasoline?
We go above and beyond by neutralizing up to 30% of a consumer’s tailpipe emissions when they purchase gasoline at a participating store. We then go the extra step and plant trees locally with local partners and The Arbor Day Foundation.
Hydro Power
Landfill Gas
Wind Power


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